Pharmacy Benefits Management

Pharmacy Benefits Management

For over a decade, Prime has been at work in the Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) space, during which time Prime was able to build a transaction processing system interfacing with every major insurance carrier, as well as an inventory control system for specialty programs, collectively known as Prime’s PharmaPlus.

Benefits of PharmaPlus include:

  • Safety
  • Pharmacy Networks
  • Staff Administration
  • Claims Processing
  • Order Management
  • Visual Dashboards

Prime’s PharmaPlus combines a wide range of PBM software applications and Application Service Provider (ASP) processing services designed to scale to the needs of large organizations such as pharmacy benefit managers, managed care organizations, self-insured employer groups, and retail pharmacy chains.

With PharmaPlus, you can build systems to process hundreds of thousands of claims per month.

Our clients have gained increased control of their pharmacy benefit dollars and maximized both cost control and care quality through a full range of pharmacy healthcare management solutions.

Specific Features are:

  • Safe, secure and compliant systems
  • Formularies of preferred medicines
  • Manufacturer discounts and rebates
  • Pharmacy networks, orders and inventory
  • Claims Processing, reconciliation and adjudication
  • Order management and billing/invoicing
  • Plan design and EDI transactions
  • Visual dashboards/reporting