Incentive Management

Dossier Rewards & Incentives Program is an easy-to-use incentive management system, for preventive care initiatives that work as a motivating fuel for individuals/patients to strive towards better health. With the incentive system, users, providers, and practitioners can obtain instant feedback of participation and its outcome.

Like a typical reward earning system, the complexity of activity increases with each milestone achieved and users can earn incentives by achieving targets set by providers and health practitioners. Each rewards and incentives program can be customized for the flexibility of user groups by a provider administrator and they can review, update, and make exceptions in the recorded user information.

In a corporate scenario, this can be leveraged to incorporate health consciousness among employees. Insurance premium amounts for individuals are decided based on their health records and target achievement in the reward system.

Individuals can be given the option to redeem benefits in case of initial health standard failures. For example – achieving wellness targets like:

  • BMI reduction (< 30, or 5% weight loss)
  • Blood pressure monitoring (< 140/90 mmHg)
  • Fasting glucose stabilization (< 110 mg/dL)
Incentive Management System