How We Do It

How Wellness Technology Solutions Works

Prime’s comprehensive technology solutions enable you to create a clinically integrated network, potent for successful management of costs and improving care. The frameworks are carefully sorted to be goal-driven and reward-based for members to implement a precautionary and healthy lifestyle. Our solutions enable relevant alliance among the payer and provider groups for proactive care assessment of wellness and preventive screening. We focus on consumer-oriented programs to meet quality goals.

Our continuous efforts are dedicated to maintain member/group population identity throughout, with innovative assessment with inbuilt predictive analytics for segmentation. Our solution frameworks are standardized for compliance with organizational data including EMR, mobile and medical devices, industry benchmarks, claims, etc.

Prime’s end-to-end wellness technology solution drives interoperability to effectively manage all types of patient care data arising out of the entire wellness community. Prime’s connected wellness and patient engagement platform provides convenient high impact tools and resources to analyze, report on, and manage population health. Because improving healthcare requires anticipating what’s ahead, the solution platform lets you become more engaged in patient care.

We believe in building custom software solutions that incorporates every client requirement into its functionality that helps them save time, effort and without the high costs associated with service and maintenance.

Modules include payer side features:

  • Administrative Module – a Customer/Subscription Management Application
  • Wellness Platform – independent module supporting wellness initiatives
  • eTeleHealth – independent module supporting tele-health and tele-medicine initiatives

At Prime, our team of specialists helps healthcare companies to tackle these problems by delivering secure, compliant, creative and customized wellness management solutions software in the areas of healthcare. We aid in fuss-free and fast dataflow while making sure a high degree of precision and traceability is maintained.

Prime’s expertise extends to:

  • Study and multi-layered knowledge of healthcare industry
  • Look at how technology can benefit your business needs
  • In-depth product knowledge and customer-focused approach
  • Lesser time-to-market product solutions
  • Valuable ‘Big Firm’ expertise for you
  • Cohesive team & technical maturity
  • Delivering a modern work platform
  • Exceptional technology skills in technology platforms
  • Excellence in project management
  • Deep technical know-how and domain expertise
  • Practical insight to business requirements