Administration Portal

Healthcare Admin Portal

Prime's Dossier administrator provides specific information by exclusively defining points like key dates, company, community or biometric events, rewards, branding, updates and instructions, activities and practitioner details. This system enables user management where administrators can create new users, add practitioners, track progress, and manage groups.

Prime's administration or management portal is scalable and can be customized to your specific requirement. The Administration Portal is an easy-to-access enterprise-wide tool, using which administrators or managers can manage health data of users/consumers to coordinate with both internal resources and external vendors. The portal comes with smartphone and device compatibility functionality that supports generating reports on personal health records and individual action plans.

Management Reports

On the basis of the user group, activity timing, and type, management reports can be generated and exported by administrators for sharing and taking corrective measures that guide better decisions and drive health improvement.

Administrator Reports

Various kinds of reports can be generated to collect and determine user participation, quality compliance, and result details. These reports are generated in an Excel file or a PDF format and can be further changed once delivered.

Batch Import

The Batch Import feature allows data access from third party partners on a regular or on-demand basis. This process also updates the user status at that particular point of time along with log and error notifications. The Batch Import tool also enables data sharing with various parties.