Our Solutions

Wellness and Population Health Management

Prime’s Dossier Wellness solution is aimed at enabling an IWPHM (Integrated Wellness and Population Health Management) system within your healthcare setup by offering a superior wellness and disease management platform.

This revolutionary platform will catapult your business into the future and will encourage mutually fulfilling, better and long-lasting relationships with patient and provider network groups, focusing on consumer-oriented programs to meet quality goals. Our frameworks are standardized for compliance with organizational data including EMR, mobile and medical devices, industry benchmarks, claims, etc., facilitating relevant alliance among the payer and provider groups for proactive care assessment of wellness and preventive screening.

Integrated Wellness and Population Health Management

User Profiling and Management

  • Super Admin
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital
  • Diagnosis Centre creation
  • Organization

Quality Improvement Program Initiation

  • Data Aggregation and Segmentation
  • Identify target Audience
  • Member Profiling
  • Design and Prioritize Programs

Registration and Configuration

  • Medical Devices
  • Mobile Apps
  • Survey configuration
  • Multiway registration

Data Collection and Integration

  • Pharmacies
  • Claims
  • EHR
  • PHR
  • Medical Devices

Coordination and Continuous Evaluation

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Wellness and Disease Management Program
  • Assignment and Evaluation (MRR)
  • Tele-Health Outreach Management

Reward Management and Reporting

  • Payment Model Creation
  • Rewards Redemptions
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Executives Dashboards
  • Role-based Dashboards