Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment

Dossier Wellness’s configurable health risk evaluation system lets individuals analyze health-related risks and acts as a beacon for corrective measures for their better health. Dossier’s health risk evaluation system is one of the constituent elements of the overall risk evaluation system. The risk assessments or tests can be taken by traditional methods on paper/forms or Online on any device, as this system is optimized for multi-device experiences on a PC, a tablet, or a Smartphone.

Prime's Dossier solution offers an innovative suite of frameworks that have redefined wellness technology and have kept consumers meaningfully engaged. With years of experience working with the healthcare ecosystem – medical care givers, medical device manufacturers, insurers, as well as pharmaceutical companies – we’ve created a blend of culture of health and wellness enabled by technology that is unique, customized, and built for tomorrow’s healthcare enterprises. We focus on enhancing meaningful payer-provider-patient communication, so that it can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Online Survey (for any PC, Tablet, or Smartphone)

A restricted access is provided to users to fill out an online questionnaire on the basis of key demographics like age, gender, specific health conditions, program options, etc. However, users have the option to add or remove questions that they think are not quiet relevant to their need. Data entered while answering the questionnaire are saved automatically into the system. Post filling the survey, users can view reports and make health-related conclusions looking at the personalized report displayed on the screen. However, there would be a delay in report generation until biometric data is available.

Rewards & Incentives Program

On a successful risk evaluation, users can be rewarded benefit points which is on the discretion of the healthcare provider. These benefit points may be awarded to users for one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Completion of the questionnaire
  • Uploading biometric screening results onto the Dossier
  • Biometric results that meet client-defined targets

Participation Reports

On the basis of a risk evaluation, users can access personalized reports, mapping scores, and other performance details. Administrative reports are also available for user groups and users/individuals. These reports can be exported and shared among user groups, provider networks and partners for further usage in the system up gradation, to keep them compliant with industry, security and technology standards.

On completion of the health questionnaire, users/individuals can receive a personalized report for user health improvement. The specialized reports generated provide simply-stated insights into individuals’ wellness scores, domain scores (based on action based on clinical data), and an assessment of health risks and lifestyle behaviors (based on integrated health screening results and test choices data), together with recommended actions that can be taken for health improvement. Summary highlights from the previous two health assessment results are displayed for comparison with current risks, giving individuals and clients rich insights about the participant population to drive healthier outcomes.

Users can also access printable provider summary reports.

Evaluation Reports

At the conclusion of a wellness screening program, Prime’s Wellness Dossier provides aggregate reports for wellness administrators. These wellness reports are well defined with rich insights into various service levels provided to users. While maintaining information confidentiality of the users, the report generated aggregates population health data which in turn empowers employer decisions. These management reports provide wellness administrators a reliable foundation for planning ahead and decision-making around the wellness programs being conducted.

Key report features include:

  • Unique insights into population wellness
  • Health coaching reports for wellness administrators
  • Year-over-year trend reports and trending analysis
  • Isolate trends and opportunities to improve population healthcare
  • Reliable foundation to planning and decision-making
  • Insights into executive summary
  • Comparative results for participant population wellness

Biometric Data

Users can configure Prime Wellness Dossier profile to collect laboratory results and vital signs from the following reports:

  • Health screenings
  • Laboratories data
  • Provider forms
  • Self-report by the users

Biometric data can be uploaded before or after the questionnaire is started and it is consolidated with questionnaire responses.

Data Storage

Prime’s Wellness Dossier helps organizations to accumulate data history and maintain old records for future references. Health practitioners use user history for planning and future predictions. As and when required by wellness managers, the older population data can be merged with newer data for compiled reporting purposes. This provides access to consolidated historical data/report summary to administrators with outcomes for trend reporting and analyses.