Why Dossier?

Dossier is a fully-fledged population health management (PHM) solution, which enables the collection of operational and transactional data to improve quality standards and provide substantial outcomes throughout the healthcare continuum. Dossier lets you take control of the available data and allows leveraging it to enhance your healthcare services that may be lagging due to variations in budget allotments, increasing focus towards chronic diseases, etc.

It will also prove to be helpful to keep up with the inclination of healthcare towards Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) at a practice level along with the need for transitioning from volume-based to a streamlined value-based care delivery model. The sole aim of Dossier is to help you include better systems into your healthcare business to promote healthy choices among people to create a win-win state of affairs.

Population Health Management
Why Prime Wellness

Prime’s comprehensive wellness technology solutions enable you to create a clinically integrated network, potent for successful management of costs and improving care connecting the following six digital forces. The solution frameworks are carefully sorted to be goal-driven and reward-based for members to efficiently and affordably meet a precautionary and healthy lifestyle. With the tools and resources of Prime’s cloud-based Wellness platform, you can meet today’s challenges and face tomorrow’s as well.


Prime’s Prime EMR uses cloud-based technology to build scalable electronic healthcare solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current healthcare IT system regardless of its size. Create custom solutions that facilitate care delivery, improve clinical productivity and many more.

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Prime’s pharmacy benefits management system interfaces with every major insurance carrier, as well as an inventory control system for specialty programs known as Prime’s PharmaPlus. Build systems to process hundreds of thousands of claims per month.

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Prime Predict

Draw patient data from various source systems and condense it to identify, analyze, diagnose, and treat patients based on symptoms and history. Prime’s PrimeView predictive analytics identifies concrete evidence for successful diagnosis.

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Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment feature can be used to analyze health related risks and maximize clinical throughput. Predict likelihood of hospitalization and take steps to prevent re-admissions. Forecast future costs of care for each population.

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Administrator Portal

Administrator Portal platform is a user management tool that provides specific information by exclusively defining points like dates, company, community, events, care plan creation, rewards, branding, updates, and practitioner details.

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Incentive Management is an easy-to-use incentive management system that works as a motivating fuel for individuals to strive towards better health by achieving targets set by providers and health practitioners. Helps patients manage their health holistically.

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Wellness Solutions
How We Do It

Prime’s comprehensive technology solutions enable you to create a clinically integrated network, potent for successful management of costs and improving care. The frameworks are carefully sorted to be goal-driven and reward-based for members to implement a precautionary and healthy lifestyle.

Our solutions enable relevant alliance among the payer and provider groups for proactive care assessment of wellness and preventive screening. We focus on consumer-oriented programs to meet quality goals.

Our continuous efforts are dedicated to maintain member/group population identity throughout, with innovative assessment with inbuilt predictive analytics for segmentation.

Our solution frameworks are standardized for compliance with organizational data including EMR, mobile and medical devices, industry benchmarks, claims, etc.

A Complete Population Health Management Software

Prime’s Wellness Management is Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based model with patient wellness as a guiding force. While it is a highly customizable patient-provider engagement solution supporting various types of disease management programs, its strong focus on patient safety and patient enablement – including high touch personalized care and ease of use of application – offers you a robust platform that connects various data points originating from various core functions of your healthcare organization setup.

Wellness Management Portal
What Our Customers Say

Prime Wellness Dossier is one of the best wellness administration software platforms on the market! We’ve worked with major clients nationwide, tailoring comprehensive wellness interfaces that maximize participant engagement and lead to significant user health benefits. Rather than uprooting the current system, Prime Wellness Dossier complements and works with the existing software by offering customized modules – such as health risk assessments, personal health trackers, wellness scores, individual dashboards, and Biometrics data collection – towards delivering a unified solution for both users as well as service providers.


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